Maximise your ROI on customer acquisition by targeting responsive prospects who buy similar products.


One of the most valuable assets a company holds is their customer database.


Create more profitable strategies, validate decisions and save time, money and resource using Abacus' suite of insight into your existing customers.

What We Do For You

Epsilon Abacus is all about helping you use the country’s most comprehensive transactional database of actively buying people to grow your business. We can give you essential market insight to drive better decisions and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies to deliver a greater return on your investment.

For multi-channel retailers, joining the Abacus Alliance gives you access to a unique source of constantly updated purchasing data, built from tens of millions transactions representing over £20 billion of spend. This allows you to:

  • Grow market share - by reaching prospects sharing the same spend, lifestyle and online activity as your best customers but have never bought from you.


  • Maximise your customer value - by retaining your best customers, persuading lapsed customer to buy from you again and change enquiries into actively spending customers


  • Obtain unique actionable insights - by understanding critical information such as consumer buying patterns and trends in your market; the best channels, sources and offers to attract new buyers, and your share of wallet to identify customer loyalty.

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For direct marketers in other industries, including Charities, Financial Services Travel & Leisure and Utilities, we can help you adopt a new approach to your prospecting activity by using people’s spending habits to inform and drive your targeting. 

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