The Active Buyers File allows utilities companies to reach mail responsive people who are regularly purchasing goods and services. 

Built from millions of transactions with multi-channel retailers and publishers representing £5bn annual spend, it allows you to target people based on real behaviours rather than just attitudes and aspirations.

As transactional behaviour is a key predictor of future purchasing activity, this represents a valuable solution for recruiting new customers and maximising the value of your existing ones.



What is it?

The Active Buyers File consists of:

20 million individuals 
9m households
270m transactions
£5bn transactional spend 
1,500+ transactional variables
100 lifestyle & demographic variables

100% permission to share with third parties



The power of information

75% own their home
22% are over 75 years old 
66% are DIY enthusiasts
20% are interested in the environment
42% earn over the national average

For further information please contact Doug Oldfield: I 020 8943 8010 I 07920 498 980