Create more profitable strategies and validate key business decisions by using Epsilon Abacus’ suite of reports. Our analytics offering formalises data analysis and assists you in extracting of actionable insight from both Alliance data and your own.

At Abacus we understand that each business faces different challenges and has to answer to unique questions. Leveraging the transactional information available on the Abacus Alliance, demographic & lifestyle information from CACI, and the experience of our SAS-trained analysts we can work with you to identify the right analytical solution to help you answer key customer-insight question.


Lifestyle & Demographic Report

Identify key demographic traits that define your current customers and compare them to buyers in your merchandise category and consumers in the home shopping space.

The report covers key dimensions such as gender, age, income, presence of children as well ordering and contact channel preferences, hobbies & interests, credit and assets availability and the ACORN geo-demographic classification.


Lifetime Value Report

Measure the performance of new recruits and existing customers by recruitment source, recruitment channel, recruitment offer and other key dimensions.

The report will allow you to gather insight into the downstream revenue generated by new customers and to right-size your investments in recruitment.


Share of Wallet Segmentation

What is Share of Wallet Segmentation and why does it matter?

Share of wallet is the percentage of a customer’s spend within a home shopping category that goes to a given business. This percentage allows marketers to understand how loyal a customer is and use this information to influence their audience selection and offer strategy.

How can the segmentation be used?

The four segments defined below will allow you to:

  • Maximise revenue by using the right offers and discounts in your direct mail and email campaigns.
  • Target high spenders in the category with aggressive offers and grow marketshare.
  • Identify targets for up-sell/cross-sell initiatives, and grow revenue organically
  • Identify low-potential customers and reduce marketing spend on underperforming segments.

What is included in the segmentation?

Abacus will segment your customer base and provide you with:

  • Flags that can be easily appended to your database, so that you can reap the full benefits of the analysis.
  • A report that you can use to support strategic decisions.
  • The option of regular refreshes of the segmentation, so you can track changes in your Share of Wallet over time and measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Share of Wallet Segmentation



Market Insight Report

Business intelligence is becoming ever more important in a fast moving, multichannel environment. Understanding consumers’ buying patterns can give you the competitive edge when allocating your marketing spend and planning for the year ahead.

Tailored to your business, a Market Insight Report gives you an understanding of how your business compares to the category you operate in. It offers a comprehensive overview of your customer base, focusing on market share, seasonal and category buying patterns and lifestyle and demographic profiles.