Handling consumer data queries

How to handle consumer Abacus data source queries and/or suppression requests.

Each time you send a direct marketing campaign, a small number of recipients may tell you that they do not wish to receive future mailings because:
• They have no need for your products
• The recipient on the mailing piece has moved
• The recipient on the mailing piece has died
• The mailing was addressed to an individual unknown at the address

To comply with principle 6 of the Data Protection Act 19981, the most important step is to record this information on your database as a suppression to make sure the details are not included in future mailings from your company. If an individual has specifically asked you not to contact them in the future, it is an obligation to act in accordance of their wishes. This is the case even if the recipient details were provided on a prospect list and are not yet logged on your database as a customer. You will need to suppress the details from future data sets sourced for new customer acquisition activity.

For a copy of our Guide to Handling Consumer Suppression Requests, please contact your Account Manager.   

Using mail files to perform analysis and gain deeper insight

What is a Mailing File?

A Mailing File is the list of names and addresses that you have put in the mail for a particular prospecting campaign. This file can be made up of names from multiple sources, such as agency supplied lists or swaps. This file can be supplied before or after it has gone through the deduping process. Deduping is where the same name and address from a different source is removed from the one particular campaign, so that you do not mail the same person twice at the same time. You may, however, use this name again in the next campaign (these names are also referred to as Multis).

What are the benefits of using Mailing File analysis?

By using a Mailing File in the analysis process you are able to get valuable insight into how your campaign has truly performed across all of your data sources. Providing this Mailing File to your data supplier/agency means they are able to look for ways to improve models and performance should this be required (here at Epsilon Abacus we use Papertests). The level of insight will vary depending on what data you are able to supply.

For more information, contact your Account Manager.