One of the most valuable assets a company holds is their customer database. It is a well-known fact that marketing to existing customers is less expensive than finding new ones. The Abacus Alliance co-operative database offers marketers knowledge of their product category and customer’s purchasing history; it is this insight that provides the edge over competitors.

Abacus can help you maximise the ROI spent on current customers by:

Retaining your best customers
Reactivating lapsed customers
Activating enquirers
Identifying cross-sell opportunities

What can optimising my existing customer database using retention modelling do?:

Mail deeper into your buyer & enquirer file
Suppress poor performing names from your customer database
Understand the optimal time to mail a campaign
Understand who to target with a mailing

Housefile Modelling

What is Housefile Modelling?

  • A bespoke model built on part of your customer file
  • Select customers who are buying elsewhere
  • Reactivation or suppression
  • Name and addresses are output ready to mail

This is the best solution if you want:

  • Abacus to make the selections
  • Data close to the campaign cut-off date and ready-to-mail
  • Data incremental to your own selections

Campaign 360

What is campaign 360?

  • Taking database optimisation to the next level
  • Provides you with a fully managed service for direct marketing campaigns.
  • It covers everything from audience selection to results measurement & financial reporting.

This is the best solution if you want:

  • A fully managed service
  • The data supplied is ready-to-mail, with full analysis and reporting
  • In-house capacity is better spent elsewhere 

License Score

What is Licence Score?

  • A bespoke model built on your entire customer file
  • Each household is given a score
  • Scores appended to your customer database
  • Reactivation or suppression

This is the best solution if you want:

  • a single indicator of home shopping activity
  • to manage data selections using in-house resource
  • a score to be used with your own segmentation and models 

Data Tagging

What is Data Tagging?

Append category activity and spend variables to your customer database. These variables can be used in conjunction with your own internal models and selections.

This is the best solution if you want:

  • variables to add to your own segmentation
  • to use the variables for cross-sell and product mix extensions
  • to use variables for analysis such as share of wallet

The Value of Data Tagging for a Multi-Channel Retailer