Epsilon Abacus is part of the Epsilon group; the marketing experts who blend data and creativity to get results.

Through our Abacus Alliance you can benefit from relevant customer data, gathered by analysing tens of millions of past transactions. Abacus helps you reach new customers and win their trust and loyalty.

The Abacus Alliance is a co-operative of over 500 multichannel retail organisations who contribute their customer transactional data with a view to make their marketing campaigns more profitable through data insight.

The Abacus Alliance (database) consists of 26m individuals, 18m households, £20bn spend and 500m transactions. Discover how using this information can help streamline your marketing strategy, in turn improving effectiveness and return on investment.

 So what do we do for you?

We can help you recruit customers more profitably by matching your most valued customers from our Alliance database and return a database of prospects who fit their criteria.

Membership is free and we produce a Home Shopping Annual Trends Report which provides valuable insight to Home Shopping Industry. We also run educationa events for members to help them keep up to date with the latest developments and issues in the industry. They also provide an excellent networking forum. 

How does Abacus modeling work?


There are three key steps in Abacus selecting the right data for you

  1. Define which buyers to profile: the most effective buyers from your customer databases are identified.
  2. Define the prospect universe: this universe is filled with prospective buyers who have similar transactional patterns to those previously identified.
  3. Run the model: your customers are compared with the prospective buyers who have similarities and differences between the two are then ranked with the prospects being placed into segments. Those prospects that most closely resemble your existing customers are placed in the top segments of your model.