Epsilon Abacus has led the way in offline consumer targeting in the UK since 1998 and continues to be the leading consumer data & insight specialist for multi-channel retailers and magazine publishers.

We host the Abacus Alliance - the largest repository of B2C retail transaction data in the UK. By joining the Alliance, you can gain powerful insight on your customers’ market-wide buying and web browsing behaviours, as well as their lifestyle and demographic attributes, to drive your offline recruitment campaigns, retention campaigns and wider marketing strategy.

Acquire new customers

By combining your own customer data with the 18 million UK households in the Abacus Alliance, you’ll be able to find prospects that have never bought from you before but share the same the same spend, lifestyle and web browsing attributes as your best existing customers. With this approach, you’ll be able to:

  • Proactively target lookalikes of your best customers
  • Cut through the noise of digital marketing and sell not just your products but your brand
  • Build and sustain loyalty by acquiring high lifetime value, brand-loyal customers
  • Grow your market share
  • Test, validate and rollout to achieve measurable and controllable growth


Retain and grow spend from your existing customers

Retaining your existing customer is the most cost effective way to retain profitability. So by gaining insight on your own customers’ activity elsewhere in the market, in conjunction with what they do with you, you’ll be able to enhance your CRM strategy and:

  • Retain your best customers
  • Reactivate your lapsed customers
  • Activate your enquirers
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Turn your single buyers into multi buyers
  • Grow your market share
  • Build better relationships with your customers and grow loyalty


Data Quality

The Abacus Alliance Universe has over 18 million UK households and 500 million transactions. The amount and the quality of the data is important as it ensures that we can provide our members with high performing selections.

We have invested significantly in quality control systems that ensure data supplied by our members is verified and corrected before loading onto our central database.

We maintain high standards and the team works closely with you to ensure compliance with Data Protection guidelines. This allows for an efficient, automated process that can handle output requests that feed into the modelling process, this results in a quick turnaround for our members orders.